About the Tolleson Limited Company

The Tolleson Limited Company (TLC) and its subsidiaries have been providing professional engineering services for more than 15 years. We specialize in geo-civil engineering that supports municipal infrastructure, environmental and land development projects. Originally established as Tolleson Engineering, the company has evolved and expanded and has now combined their USA and Caribbean operations under The Tolleson Limited Company banner.

Our professional staff includes licensed professional engineers, analyst, designers, construction managers and GIS / IT experts. specialists. The principal associates of the firm are very talented professionals with national and international experience.

Multi-National Experience

Through their national and international experience base, The Tolleson Limited Company (TLC) provides civil engineering, planning, and design for government, the private sector, rural and municipal clientele. TLC specializes in civil and energy-efficient works that interact with the land, water, and air. These typically include buildings, roads, dams, education facilities, solid waste management and municipal water and sewer utilities. The TLC / MTE Limited Company located in the Caicos Islands provides geo-coastal, civil and planning services to our Caribbean resort clientele.