LEED Certification

CNET and its strategic partners are well versed in the requirements to attain LEED certification energy management to design, build and construct facilities in a sustainable manner for all CNET projects throughout the Caribbean. Our GREEN focused alliance strives to “design, build, and maintain housing and facilities that are energy efficient”. The inherent sustainable outcomes for our GREEN approach are realized by minimizing the facilities environmental and economic impact, by optimizing the use of clean water, use of raw materials, reduction of energy consumption and fossil fuel, and the impacts on land-use development over the entire life cycle of the building.

CNET is comprised of national and international recognized architects, engineers, contractor and building material supplier who have extensive experience in satisfying the requirements to attain LEED certification. The team’s project approach to a tailored protocol and specific design criteria, documentation and the certification of material establishes the process and methodology to achieve the highest practical level of GREEN certification for its projects.

The housing development will attain its LEED rating by providing efficient land-use development components; access and transportation routes; disbursed open (GREEN) space; and planned recreational spaces for home and neighborhood developments. Additionally, a GREEN education program will inform and encourage the occupants and users of the benefits of maintaining, operating and using a GREEN development.

 Water and wind LEED certified facilities and projects will contribute to and promote renewable energy, health and welfare of the citizens, generate clean energy, and save money and resources.

Thus, we are motivated to provide quality solutions to landowners in the form of housing development, commercial development, entertainment and green energy for global and international populations. We at CNET pride ourselves on creating the best strategic partnerships that can assist in our custom live, work, and play developments with plans for cost-effective construction, energy management, and job creation.

CNET and their strategic partners have developed many multi-family dwellings, commercial, and retail projects,  while working closely with local government agencies throughout the world.  We are committed to providing individuals, families and seniors with quality, safe, and amenity rich communities to call “home.”  The CNET Development Team is comprised of some of the most experienced and passionate professionals in the development business.  We have a dedicated staff that has earned a reputation as a quality public-private development partner by way of our resolute commitment to work in collaboration with all community stakeholders.